Economics is a complex social science — it studies the ins and outs of decisions, money, production, and much more. But just because it’s complex, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

What is an Economic Indicator?

Economists like to ponder over the future of a lot of things, but frequently, they ponder over the future of the economy. Economists tear through headlines, stock market data, investor sentiment, and many other sources of data to come to their own conclusion about the future. …

With last week’s announcement of Pfizer’s trial COVID-19 vaccine success, markets rallied at new heights in hopes of a grueling crisis coming to an end. Then, yesterday, something big happened. Moderna announced a 94.5% effectiveness rate with preliminary data from its vaccine trials, and markets soared. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is now cruising at 29k points; these are heights that have never been seen before, especially during a global pandemic. But this shows something more than just the effect of two companies on the entire global economy. It shows the coming of age of the Biotech industry.

The question of Biotech, an industry once forgotten

Pre-quarantine times…

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